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This is our first project in Node Red. We start to look at more industrial applications using 4-20mA signals for level measurement sensor, in this example we use a Siemens SITRANS LR110. This project also uses a Sequent MicroSystems IO card with a Raspberry PI. This last video adds additional functionality for alarms, with a user interface, e-mail notifications and connectivity to InfluxDB. For more information please visit my blog page :- Video Content. 0:00 In this video 1:20 Dashboard text inputs for alarms 4:44 Using 'Switch & Change Nodes' to trigger alarms 6:05 Message Delay. 7:25 Sending e-mail notifications, message limit 8:35 Sending e-mail notifications, e-mail Node 9:10 Sending e-mail notifications, configuring node for gmail SMTP 9:45 Sending e-mail notifications, JSON message 11:15 Sending e-mail notifications, gmail password issue 14:15 Pop-up notification for dashboard UI 17:35 Moving data to InfluxDB 18:17 Moving data to InfluxDB, JSON message 22:05 Moving data to InfluxDB, programming InfluxDB node
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