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The video will show how to solve these sample exercises: 1.- Create a new Pod named nodered running the image node-red:latest from nodered docker hub repo. Expose the container port 1880. The Pod should live in the namespace named ckad. 2.- Get the IP address of the nodered Pod. 3.- Create a temporary Pod that uses the busybox image to execute a wget command inside of the container. The wget command should access the endpoint exposed by the nodered container. You should see the HTML response body rendered in the terminal. 4.- Get the logs of the nodered container. 5.- Add the environment variables FLOWS=my_flows.json and TZ=Europe/Madrid to the container of the nodered Pod. 6.- Open a shell for the nodered container, inspect the contents of the current directory and its path. 7.- Create a YAML manifest for a Pod named loop that runs the ubuntu image in a container. The container should run the following command: for i in {1..20}; do echo "Welcome $i times"; done. Create the Pod from the YAML manifest. 8.- Edit the Pod named loop. Change the command to run in an endless loop. Each iteration should echo a message. 9.- Inspect the events and the status of the Pod loop. 10.- Delete all the pods created and the namespace ckad.
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