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Node-Red for Industrial IoT in the Enterprise - In this episode, Kudzai Manditereza interviews Nick'Oleary, the co-creator of Node-Red and CTO and Founder of Flowrge, a DevOps platform for Node-Red. They discuss how to make Node-Red Enterprise-Ready and its deployment and management in large-scale Industrial IoT solutions. EPISODE SPONSORS ================== HiveMQ: ================== EPISODE LINKS ================== Flowforge website - Free Flowforge trial - Nick O'Leary on LinkedIn - ================== Outline 0:00 Introduction 1:21 - Origins and Evolution of Node-Red 6:54 - Challenges and best practices for deploying Node-RED in Industrial environments 11:29 - DevOps for Node-RED in IIoT 14:33 - Key Features of Enterprise Ready Node-RED 16:34 - Best practices for industrial data acquisition using Node-Red 21:05 - Suitability of Node-Red for Semantic Modelling 22:50 - Node-Red vs Off-Shelf Solutions for Data Management 25:25 - Use cases for Edge vs Cloud deployment of Node-Red 28:49 - Best Practices for Scaling Node-Red in large-scale IIoT deployments. 31:37 - Access control, data encryption, and authentication in Node-Red. 33:29 Examples of successful IIoT projects using Node-Red 38:19 The Future of Node-Red in Industrial IoT Applications 41:15 About Flowforge ================== 🎙️Podcast Info: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: Podcast website:​​ Full episodes playlist: ================== 👉 Let's Connect Online: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:
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