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Electrical Engineering Design Project 21: Design an Arduino, Node-Red and Amazon Alexa Assistant-based voice-activated three lights control system. In this video, a brief overview was explained on how the project works and the video was completed with a Demonstration. In this project, the goal is to enable Amazon Alexa to take a voice command which turns on three light bulbs. There is an interaction between Node-red and Alexa, Node-red and Arduino. Node red takes information from Alexa. Then, it sends the information to Arduino. Node-red serves as a middleman. This interaction between Arduino, Node-red and Alexa is with regards to the software/programming aspect. The circuit for this project will be quite straight forward. With regards to the hardware aspect, components such as the USB, wires/cables , 3 relay modules, and AC power supply will be required for the circuit that will power up the light bulbs. The Arduino is connected to the transistor and relay module. The relay modules are connected to the 3 light bulbs. Required Components include: Hardware: -Amazon Alexa -Arduino-Uno -4-Channel Relay -3, 12-V light bulbs -Wires/Cables Software: -Node-Red -Amazon Alexa App
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