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With the recent v6.1 release of uibuilder comes new features for building data-driven websites without needing to write any code. This video gives you an overview of what is available and how to get started. If you aren't sure what uibuilder is about, please see the first video in this series There is also a video list on uibuilder: Chapters: 00:00 Intro and basics of zero-code uibuilder 09:45 Lists & intro to the uib-element node settings 18:47 Adding to a list 20:18 Updating existing elements 29:12 Description lists 36:10 Tables 39:34 Forms 48:28 HTML passthrough 51:01 Page title 53:40 Text box 54:13 Chaining nodes to make a complete page 57:38 Summary and wrap-up TO follow along with this guide, you will need to have updated uibuilder to v6.1.1.
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