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This video shows a simple NodeRed flow that takes MQTT data from the RTL_433 program and displays it in an easy to use GUI that can be further modified quite easily in Node Red (i.e. your challenge after this! ....). My NodeRed flow is available to download from link to RTL_433 Useful links - 1. Create an SD card with an ISO image for all your Radio Amateur programs to run on a Pi. This is from the excellent @AndreasSpiess second channel: 2. Link to install NodeRed on the Pi (use the bash script it is better) 3. if not already installed make sure that Mosquitto is installed e.g. This was intended to be a "couple of hours project" to see what I could do with NodeRed to create a simple GUI after watching this excellent @TechMindsOfficial video on the RTL_433 ( It is just an opportunity to publish something that may save someone a few hours of work. Yes - I realise I need to use a better microphone - sorry about the sound.
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