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During this video I take a look at building visualisation / dashboards, using the Node-Red Dashboard Node. There is a lot of functionality for this download, for this video we have focused on Gauges, Charts and Buttons. This is the most exciting part of Node Red as your data come to life for the first time. Tech Note Video Content 0:00 Introduction to Node-Red Dashboard 0:35 Installing Node-Red Dashboard 1:12 Inject simulated data 2:12 Adding Guage-Node to flow 2:50 Adding Dashboad Tab & Group 5:38 Editing Guage-Node 7:26 Adusting size of guage 7:50 Guage, Donut, Compas, Level 8:30 Problem with Level guage. 10:35 Adding Chart-Node 13:19 Run time view of chart 13:40 Reset trend using inject-node 15:21 Reset trend using dashboad button 16:10 Test new dashbaord 16:30 Adding icons to dashboard. 18:30 Changing group / tab name 19:03 Opening Node Red dashboard 19:18 Summary
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