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This is our first project in Node Red. We start to look at more industrial applications using 4-20mA signals for level measurement sensor, in this example we use a Siemens SITRANS LR110. This project also uses a Sequent MicroSystems IO card with a Raspberry PI. The following Nodes are used, Intect, 4-20mAIN, Range, Debug The goal is to build a project that can be utilised to monitor vessel content remotely and to aid with stock control. Visit Simplified-IOT for more assistance Video Content 0:00 Intro 0:15 Sequent MicroSytems IO 2:00 8 Layer Stackable HAT 4:00 GitHUB Instructions 4:30 Hardware Setp Instructions 7:10 Installing sm-ind Node. 7:56 Adding 4-20mA Input to Node-Red Project 9:15 Testing with Active Source. 11:10 Scale mA Input (Rnage Node) 13:20 Testing with Sitrans LR110 Radar 15:24 Preview of next video
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