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Using InfluxDB on a 32Bit OS is very different to a 64bit OS. This video shows how to push simulated data from Node Red into InfluxDB all on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. To save time we export a project from a 64Bit system into our Pi Zero. Full Blog with instructions Video Content 0:00 Intro 0:20 Import & Export Project Flows 1:33 Unknown Node 2:00 Install Missing Node, Manage Palette 2:30 Influx DB Node - Start 2:50 V1.8 Server User & Password? 4:06 InfluxDB - Influxdb.conf settings 5:04 Setting User and Password in InfluxDB 6:17 Adding InfluxDB Data Base 7:09 Configuring Influx Node. 8:10 Configuring Inject Node 8:30 Testing Connection Node Red - InfluxDB 9:55 Summary and What Next!
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