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Recorded on Thursday 23rd February, 2023. Interested in attending future webinars? Check out any scheduled events here: Join Rob Marcer, Developer Educator @ FlowForge, as he introduces the power of Node-RED and showcases how easy it is to get started. Are you trying to build data dashboards and graphs from different sources of data? Node-RED is a popular programming tool that makes it easy to connect data from different hardware devices, APIs, and online services. The low-code visual programming environment makes it possible for anyone to link disparate systems and data sources together. This webinar introduces you to Node-RED, the key concepts and use cases that have attracted hundreds of thousands of people to adopt Node-RED as their development environment. 00:00 Introduction 01:23 Introduction to Presenter (Rob Marcer) 03:32 What is Node-RED? 04:28 Where is Node-RED used? 07:28 Key Concepts in Node-RED 12:06 Let's Build 38:36 How can I get started? 40:20 Q&A Session 59:40 Closing Comments
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