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I'm testing xTool as a possible tool for "hardware backups" of my NodeRED flows. 😂 ============================= Social Media & Business Contact: ============================= 2nd YT channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Business Contact: ============================= Patreon & PayPal: ============================= If you wish to support the channel monetarily, check the options here: Created thanks to the support of the Patrons: oolara, Alan C A, Arya, Dane M, Daniel, G, David G, David M, DoomedSardines, Herik A, Jack C, Leroxy, Natasha W, Nis L, Noodle, Sandra I, Tony L, Art, Enric, Faith E, Roger G With extra support in November from: Mladen Ivanov, ============================= Gear Used to Make This Video: ============================= Camera: Secondary Camera: Microphone: Secondary Mic: B-Roll kit: Slider, Pan & Tilt: DSLR Gimbal: Action, Vlog Kit: Phone: 360 Camera: Action Camera: Mobile Gimbal: Drone: Sound Recorder: Streaming Kit: Webcam: Microphone: HDMI capture card: ============================= Music: ============================= Music by AlexiAction from Pixabay ========================================================== Product affiliation, sponsorships and affiliate links ========================================================== More information: Transparency Legend: 💳 – I paid for the item with my own money 🆓 – I was interested in the item, received free of charge 📈 – I used links that bring me affiliate payments 💵 – content commissioned, I retain 100% creative and critical control 💰 – ad/ sponsored content possibly vetted by the sponsor ============================= #NodeRED #xTool
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