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This video builds a project to simulate data in Node Red and then uses standard Node's to build a JSON Payload, using global 'Context Data' that is pushed to a InfluxDB Node. This Node automatically pushes data into InfluxDB v2.0. We take a look at the data explorer and dashboard tool in Influx DB. Please follow this blog for more instructions and it also has a solution for common problems encountered during install Node Used, Inject, Change, Function, Debug InfluxDB Video Content 0:00 Overview of Video Activities 0:45 Overview of Nodes Used 1:02 Install InfluxDB Node 2:11 Inject Node 3:06 Change Node 6:19 Function Node Moving dat from Global Memory 8:47 Function Node Generating JSON Message Payload 11:18 Debug Node 12:05 InfluxDB Node - Setting Server 13:11 InfluxDB API Token 14:50 InfluxDB Node Setting Output 15:20 Finding InfluxDB Oranisation 15:56 InfluxDB Node Depoly and Test 17:36 Inject Mode Automating Flow 19:07 InfluxDB Data Explorer 19:56 InfluxDB Dashboard 21:38 Summary & Thanks
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