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The objective of this project is to create a design that can successfully count the number of people present within a lab or a house in real-time. The system will be a bidirectional body counter, which means it will keep a track of people entering the room and leaving the room. This system will be using Node-Red and will be built based on the Internet Of Things (IOT). The existing real-time number of people in the room can be viewed via a remote web display. Design Specifications: In this project, two IR sensors are used and each will be placed at the entrance and at the exit respectively, each sensor acts as a uni-directional Visitor counter. In this case, the counter will increase or decrease depending on the direction of movement of the person and this is determined by which of the two sensors are activated. The first sensor will be placed at the entrance door and the second sensor will be placed at the exit door. When a person enters the room the first sensor will be triggered, this will cause the counter to increase by one and it will be displayed on NODE RED as well. On the other hand, when a person exits the room, the second sensor will be triggered which will reduce the count by one and it will be displayed on NODE RED in real-time. This will happen for as many people enter or exit the room, the counter will keep track and display reading on the web page. If a person does not enter the room the IR sensors will not be triggered, and the count will remain as it was.
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