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This video explains some of the basics features of Node Red. We also take a look at some of the additional features enabled during previous videos, such as Projects and saving Context Data to files. At the end you will build a basic flow and use debug features. Video Content 0:00 Intro 1:02 User Login 1:20 Introduction to Flow Area 1:55 Introduction to Nodes 3:30 Copy, Paste & Export 5:08 Using Project Features 5:34 Deploying Changes 6:25 Documenting Code 7:53 Working With Flows 8:27 My First project 9:00 Inject Node 9:36 Debug Node 11:25 Moveing Data to Context Storage 11:36 Change Node 12:40 Storing Context Data into Files 13:20 Viewing Context Data 14:20 Storing Context Dat into Memory 15:12 Adding New Nodes 15:42 Manage Pallett 15:59 Installing MindSphere Node 16:44 Adding New Node to Flow
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