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This video demonstrates how to set-up some key features for Node-Red that will make the programming experience more simple. These Include :- 1. Project Features to enable multiple user cases to be saved on one device and synced with Bit Bucket. 2. Admin login for configuration. 3. File storage for context flow and global variables. Ideal to store scaling parameters for analogue signals. Commands used in this video are Enable Node Red Auto start. sudo systemctl enable nodered.service Edit Node Red settings cd .. to enter home directory. nano pi/.node-red/settings.js Use to generate password for Node-Red node-red admin hash-pw Setting Context Storage (cut and paste in settings.js) contextStorage: { default: "memoryOnly", memoryOnly: {module:'memory'}, file: {module:'localfilesystem'}, }, Video Contents 0:00 Intro 0:35 Location of Node-Red Settings File 1:26 Setting systemctl to Auto Start Node Red 2:20 What Features are missing from Node Red 3:36 Editing Node Red settings.js File 5:15 Setting Admin Password for Editing Flows 6:11 Generating Encoded Password 8:17 Enabling Projects for Node Red 10:37 Enabling File Storage for Context Data (Flow & Global) 12:09 Overview of Node Red With New Settings
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