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Once in a while you will need to restart the server or exit the administrator terminal, but at the same time it is impossible for Node-Red to stop working because employees work in it or are going to connect. To avoid problems with access to this development environment, you should use PM2 for constant health and automatic startup when the server boots. You will learn how to do this in today's video server presets You must have Node-Red installed on your server. You can find out how to install it by following the hint in the video. You must also have Node installed.JS and NPM on the server Commands used sudo npm install -g pm2 which node-red pm2 start /usr/bin/node-red -- -v pm2 info node-red pm2 logs node-red pm2 save pm2 startup or pm2 startup systemd reboot Useful links VPS/VDS - Node-RED -
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