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In this project, I would like to share with you how to make a simple 3 Degree of Freedoms Robot ARM with Jetson Nano module. The robot Arm can be remotely controlled via a web page, and can be reprogrammed via a Node-RED server. Guidance and source code: Components: 1. Jetson Nano module x 1 2. PCA 9685 module x 1 3. MG996 R Servo motor x 3 4. DC-DC converter x 1 (Optional) 5. 5V adapter for jetson nano x 1 Other projects: Raspberry Pi and Arduino: Logo Sorting System ESP32-CAM: Remote Control Object Detection Camera ESP32-CAM: Classification with tensorflow.js Arduino and Android: Breath Alcohol Tester Arduino and Android: Object Tracking Camera ESP8266 Arduino Project: Electric Lock and Unlocked by Android Fingerprint
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