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Em Edison ( EE ) - Edge Automation Controller The Em Edison – Embedos Edge – EE SERIES is the Flagship hardware of our vast foray of products and solutions. The Edge device is a powerful IoT device which provides an entire End to End solution on a single piece of hardware. In this Youtube video, we will introduce you to Em Edison (EE), an industrial IoT product designed for edge computing applications. The device is equipped with 2 analog input channels (4-20mA) and 2 analog channels (0-10 VDC) to measure the readings of a flow rate sensor. One of the key features of EE is its ability to log the value of 6 digital pulse inputs and display these values on an embedded web server enabled browser-based web application, running on the device itself. The logic of the application is coded in such a way that users can change the values that the digital input signifies from the web page directly. This allows for real-time monitoring and control of the device's inputs. Additionally, EE allows for the download of all logged data on an excel sheet. The excel sheet includes the device id, the range of selection, and timestamped data for each analog and digital input. This provides users with easy access to historical data for analysis and reporting purposes. The entire logic of the device has been written in Node-RED, an open-source programming tool that allows for the creation of IoT applications with a visual drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy for users with little to no programming experience to implement IoT applications with EE. In conclusion, Em Edison (EE) is a powerful industrial IoT product that offers real-time monitoring and control of analog and digital inputs, as well as historical data analysis and reporting capabilities. With its user-friendly programming interface using Node-RED, EE is accessible to a wide range of users, making it an ideal solution for edge computing applications.
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