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I use the first gen Aqara Cube to create a dimmer switch automation in Home Assistant using the Node-Red integration. This isn't anything fancy, but thought it would be fun to show how you can get creative with these fun tools. #nodered #homeassistant #homeautomation #aqara #tutorial #howto -- How to setup Conbee II USB stick and connecting Aqara -- I'm sorry Enthusiasts. I struggle adding tedious "setup" work on tutorials since they're so experimental and finicky. I rather spend my creative energy showing you the more interesting parts than recreating documentation. The best I can do for you is provide you some of the links I used to get up and running and wish you luck. May your journey be swift and painless. 1. You can use this tutorial to get started setting up you zigbee hub: 2. I followed this guide above most of the way (up until deConz was setup) and then I used this Conbee II integration: 3. I had to install the devices more than once but they eventually worked 🤷🏾 -- Dimmer Switch Automation --
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