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This video is an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT). We will discuss the definition of IoT, its components and the different applications. We will also touch on the security challenges posed by IoT and the technologies used to ensure its security. Finally, we will discuss the future of IoT and its potential impact on our lives. Join our Discord Community : Our community is growing. Join our discord channel to be a part of the quickly growing community. Three Reasons why should you join the Discord channel 1. We post Jobs & Internships Daily 2. We share Tech News & Happenings around the world important for growth! 3. Weekly Guest sessions on startups, tech and wide range of topics by mentors from Amazon, Wells fargo and top companies. 4. Competitions & Contests, Where you can win prizes & gift vouchers! 5. Free access to paid tools and softwares for community members. 6. Offline Meets - in respective cities for enhanced networking! Join our discord community now: For More details reach us out at
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