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Node-RED is an open source visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things. It provides a browser-based editor for wiring together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette. In this video, we'll show you how to install Node-RED on your computer. We'll cover the basics of setting up your environment and installing the software. We'll also go over some of the common use cases for Node-RED and how you can use it to create powerful IoT applications. Join our Discord Community : Our community is growing. Join our discord channel to be a part of the quickly growing community. Three Reasons why should you join the Discord channel 1. We post Jobs & Internships Daily 2. We share Tech News & Happenings around the world important for growth! 3. Weekly Guest sessions on startups, tech and wide range of topics by mentors from Amazon, Wells fargo and top companies. 4. Competitions & Contests, Where you can win prizes & gift vouchers! 5. Free access to paid tools and softwares for community members. 6. Offline Meets - in respective cities for enhanced networking! Join our discord community now: For More details reach us out at
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