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Our developer community monthly meet-up is back again. This one is for tech geeks. Dev ninjas. DevOps. Coding lovers. Creators. And you. Nowadays is important to have a good data flow management because there are a lot of type of devices that produce data and there are many ways to store them. Simone Tritini will present how to use NodeRed, to easily design and develop heterogenous source data flow. Node-RED is a middleware for wiring together in a flow several types of data, device, APIs, or generic services. The first case study is an Internet of things application where different devices and software components are connected in a unique process flow. In particular, the data coming from the external devices sent to the MQTT broker is checked and processed by specific node and then stored in a database. The second case study is the implementation of simple web interface where to grab different type of data sources (like files) and then, the integrations of external database API to store data. These case studies are examples demonstrating that the tool is useful to do fast prototypes and to implement more complex applications where there is the need to connect several components in a unique system.
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