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Em Edison ( EE ) Series as a user-programmable EDGE device is used to provide a platform to the user to create custom logic applications. The Embedos_Em Edison ( EE ) Series is designed with a built in web server to accommodate a Web Based User Interface for Users to interact with the device. A device is created which has utilities to setup and configure certain peripherals such as (WiFi, Ethernet, RTC, Calibration, etc). User now has to create the logic on top of this. In this application, the user is provided with a UI to create logic using a network of “nodes”. These nodes can be used to practically do anything with the device, from accessing GPIOs to writing data in files, to creating a custom webpage. This UI is accompanied by custom Embedos libraries that are used to access the hardware layer of EE through the software layer. A firmware for MODBUS is built, to make the EE device act as a MODBUS Master. This MODBUS utility is capable of creating a MODBUS (RTU/TCP) network and can additionally also behave as an MQTT/FTP/HTTP gateway to send data. This MODBUS firmware built into the device can be configured with the assistance of an Excel file and PC-based utility. Once the user creates an excel-configuration, they need to upload the configuration to the device and the logger will work as per the excel. A Wi-Fi connection page is also provided to configure Wired-LAN and Wireless-LAN. Users can use this utility to connect EE with different WiFi networks and/or connect EE to an Ethernet-based system.
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