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Demonstrating two ways to work with google sheets from within NodeRED. For read only access you can use node-red-contrib-publicgooglesheets But for more advanced stuff, you can use the Google node inside NodeRED. Create the credentials as explained here Then add the credentials in NodeRED, and use Redirect url: http://localhost:1/ Scopes: And follow the steps explained in this video In first function node i use the following code var sheetid = "ID from url" var range = "Sheet1!A1:D7" msg.url = `${sheetid}/values/${range}` + '?majorDimension=ROWS' return msg; In the second function node I use var sheetid = "ID from url" var range = "Sheet1!A1:D7" msg.url = `${sheetid}/values/${range}?valueInputOption=USER_ENTERED` msg.payload = { "range": range, "majorDimension": "ROWS", "values": [ ] } return msg; #openrpa #openflow #nodered #google #sheet Get started today, by downloading it here Want to run it entirely by yourself ? read how here Please join our community forum at or chat with us at For commercial support and training visit
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