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Let's work some WAE Worked all Europe 2022. We also learn more about AA0Z Node red contest dashboard, and enjoy having Ham Radio Dude with us. Node Red Contest dashboard - Kyle AA0Z - Ham Radio Dude - #hamradio #europe #contest #k5yvy ----------- 🔵ABOUT MY CHANNEL My channel is about Ham or Amateur radio and other two way radio products. I cover stuff such as Live streaming while on the radio so you can hear what your signal sounds like at my station, news or reviews on radios, gadgets, etc I use in my shack, and projects, or tinkering I call it, where I'm making something from scratch or attempting to repair something hoping it don't end in smoke. ☕️If you enjoy the content consider buying me a coffee: ✔️Check out my channel here: ➡️Don't forget to subscribe! ⏯ OTHER HAM RADIO CHANNELS YOU CAN FIND ME ON Ham Radio Clubhouse 📬GET IN TOUCH Contact me at: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 956 New Albany, MS 38652 Listen on PODCAST: 📲FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL Get updates and reach out on my Social Media Profiles! 🌐 Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Utreon: Odysee: Discord: 👉K5YVY Merch store :
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