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Check out Physics Marketplace for more assets: Link to Load Generator NodeRed Flow: The flow can be used to generate a set rate load towards an endpoint. It has been adapted to Openwhisk endpoint rationale, but it can also be used in generic endpoints with minor modifications. The main requirement is to have a status endpoint, in which the initial call result will be made available after the end of the request processing. Detailed information for the input and output data specification is included in the flow. The flow can be utilized directly in Node-RED, generating the traffic from the local flow, or it can be deployed and executed as an Openwhisk action. For this purpose it has been wrapped around a container available here: It can be added in an existing OW installation with the following command: wsk action create physicspef_loadgenclient –docker gkousiou/physicspef_loadgenclient:latest If the duration of the experiment (set in the input) is expected to be higher than the OW action timeout, the load generation action applies the function chain pattern on itself, meaning that it spawns a successor function to continue the experiment. An external monitoring of the experiment status should take that into consideration since the activation id will change in the course of the experiment. An example flow for monitoring such behaviour is already provided in the Poll2PushConverterFC: If one wants to create their own container for generating the action, they need to modify the red.js of the Node-RED action environment in order to extend the server keepAlive timeout beyond the default 120 second limit and above the 300 second Openwhisk max timeout to ensure that the NR server inside the action container does not close the connection while the action is still executing.
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