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Well we got another project that's why we are here. The project is based on raspberry pi and node red dashboard and temperature and humidity sensor and it Shows on node red dashboard and also we can control two leds through the dashboard. It has an announcement system inbuilt. I am an Electronics Engineer. Having special skill in Embedded Systems/IOT design Implementation and also Webapp design and development.  I have 4 years of experience of embedded systems for various industrial projects made around Microcontrollers. Presently I am working as a consultant in those fields and provide solutions. I also have experience in Microsoft Visual Studio and Python and image processing. I have special interest in Lead Generation on which I have been doing research for the past two years and have invented new ways for very fast and accurate data collection. My Microcontroller projects include: Make Node-Red Dashboard using Raspberry pi and DHT22 Fully Autocratic Digital Variac Control EP Coil/Valve Assembly Digitally Full Autocratic Test Bench. Live data graph generation on python in Raspberry pi 3+ ESP32-SIM800L & ESP8266 with LoRa module Create Mesh Network ESP32 & ESP8266 with Lora module creating Mesh Network Environmental Multi Gas Sensor with ESP32 and Cloud Repository Using Twitch Play Control Two Servo Motor in Raspberry Pi Arduino uno with SIM800l Hit TCP server Arduino nano with SIM800l using FONA library send data through TCP protocol. Raspberry pi base GPS Tracker with Firebase Database ESP32-SIM800l with EM2M Energy Meter Data Collect Through Modus Communication. Fourier Transmission with Arduino mega and MPU6050. Arduino Nano with SIM800l Through  Html content collect from website. Node-Red with RPi and ESP32 CAM Smart Music Tone with ESP32(Sa,Re,Ga,Ma,Pa,Dha,Ni,Sa) Web Control Robot using Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Base Security System with Face Detection Water Tank Monitoring system with RPi local database.  nRF wireless communication technology  Smart Clock With Arduino, Oled Display and RTC Module ESPCAM Project 16 Channel Sound System Using ESP32 16 Channel Lighting Controller Using ESP32 Waters Level Detector Any Vehicle Dynamic GPS Tracking Automatic Emergency Light (IOT) System Speech Recognition Home Automation Home Security System IR Remote Control Interface Energy Monitoring Rader Positioning Mechanism Motor Speed and Direction Control with Bluetooth and Arduino Digital Camera with Arduino RFID CARD READER Radar Positioning Mechanism used Servomotor Password Based door lock System Stepper Controlled Rotating Platform IOT Based Review System Frequency Generator This is my Fiverr GIG link - This is my Upwork profile link - If you work with me please  hire me Fiverr and Upwork And Whatsapp (+918481070120). Thank you.
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