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In Part 1 I will demo communications between the Raspberry Pi FarmBeats computer and a Windows PC that hosts Microsoft Excel and Data Streamer. I am using node-red instead of the python programs but I do access the python libraries as drivers for the Grove devices. In Part 2 I will demo bi-directional communications between the Raspberry Pi and the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet FarmBeats where the spreadsheet not only collects data but also uses its reactive agent to control the Grove Relay on the Raspberry Pi in addition to activating logging. All of this is done in node-red which not only decodes FarmBeat Spreadsheet messages targeted for the Raspberry Pi but it can also simulate and create these messages independently using a Chrome Browser UI. A special features of this video and demo is the use of a small remote Grove OLED ( 64x128) on the Raspberry Pi so you can see the data results immediately in the garden or farm. Remote displays are also available on the Excel Spreadsheet and on Chrome UI graphs that can be viewed anywhere on the internet. I also demo the flexibility and speed of using node-red for experimentation and expansion. I have also added extra Grove devices including an Analog Light sensor, Air Quality sensor, extra dual buttons, a rotary sensor and a Grove LED for feedback to let you know with local logging is occurring. This allows me to do controlled experiments and compare similar sensors such as comparing the digital and analog light sensors. There is also at least 10 other Grove sensors that could be attached such as the Grove pH meter and all of these are supported by existing libraries and node-red. I am using extra nodes that I have imported into node-red. These include the native Raspberry Pi GPIO nodes and the older Seeed Studio Grove nodes but you need to use an older version of node.js, node-red and the Raspberry Pi OS - Buster. The Seeed Studio python libraries have also been imported and this provides an alternative access to the Grove devices on more recent OS - Bulleye. These python libraries can also be accessed from the node-red program. The Raspberry Pi provides all functions including remote shutdown and logging. This video provides a walk thru of the hardware configuration and node-red on the Raspberry Pi.
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