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After I bought some RGB bulbs the first thing I wanted to do was set something up that would take all the bulbs and do weird color things with them. I mean wouldn't it be cool to setup something like that for a party? Well a few months later and I finally got it figured out and working so this is what they look like when running. If you want to do something like this yourself take a look at my Github page for the information and you may want to look at a few other things there as well. I have another NodeRED flow that will tell you the current basic weather using two bulbs as well which is great for in the mornings especially if you don't have a clear outward view. Here is the link to my Github page which has some instructions and the json flow you can import into your NodeRED installation. Don't forget to do those things that everyone on YouTube has been teaching you, the thumbs up button's will keep me making more video's so if you like them or not the only button that counts is the thumbs up. That other button is a fiction of your imagination!! And if you did and want to kick me a couple bones for the repairs on my truck (probably a blown head-gasket which is going to really SUCK and honestly I need to do a rebuild since it's got over 200K miles on it or just replace which either way is going to run about 3000 bucks) 17pEPchqZrjVHv8oN3jKMDZp23A24j4Jj is the place for BitCoin and I will be setting some other stuff up later on. If you want to kick a few bones through Amazon just click on here before you make an order. Or you can kick me a coffee here
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