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Bathroom automation using a combination of Home Assistant, NodeRed, Tasmota & Sonoff. Guided tour walking into the Master Bedroom your first hit by a PIR sensor that hides at the door, this is connected to a NodeMCU running Tasmota and a BME280, this puts the bedroom into several color setups on 6 Hue Lights depending on the time of day, then enter the Master Bathroom where another PIR is to take over but it started acting up so that's out of the mix right now, but in here we had 2 Decora switches that controlled the Light and Fan, I installed a Sonoff Basic R2 in that area with the addition of a D1 mini, the Sonoff 3.3/Gnd powers the D1 while the TX and RX & Gnd are used to connect the 2 push button switches. The fan has a Sonoff with the same D1 mini hook up and again sharing the 3.3&Gnd. Both Sonoff & D1 are flashed with Tasmota. the Light Sonoff takes the direct input from the yellow button to operate the Light relay while the Blue button publishes a MQTT to another topic as you can see in the NodeRed flow, This is picked up by the Fan Sonoff. The one main issue i had was getting the HOLD Press of the Blue FAN button to run a LONG command. So when you go to shower you Hold the Blue for 0.4 Sec and the fan will turn on and stay on until the Humidity has come back to normal in the room, but as soon as you would hit it the "Wait Until" command was sending the toggle right away as the "wait until" was reached, So i put a 10 min delay in there first and this should allow enough steam/humidity to build up first and then let the "wait unitil" work as planned. hope this helps, if you ahve any other questions jump to DISCORD channel DrZzs , were all there! Music Credit~Old account music i had Music by Epidemic Sound - You Blow My Mind - Hallman
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