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UPDATE: The NotoriousBDG addon has been replaced by a Hassio Community Addon. This is a great improvement! This addon has the Home Assistant nodes and other useful nodes pre-loaded. Setup is much easier and less prone to errors. I know you came here to see a video but until I have time to make an update here is a link to the new installation instructions: UPDATE: if you're getting errors trying to setup your HA "server" just push through the errors, leave the node in the workspace and hit "Deploy". For some reason that seems to be resolving the errors for some users. I'll share more info if I find the reason behind the problems. You may also need to name your server "homeassistant" My streak of consecutive videos requiring correction is still going strong! - Blog post on the website has a transcript of the video with all the links. But here's the most important stuff - Repo URL: Panel iFrame lines for config.yaml (if you already have a panel_iframe heading then delete this "panel_iframe:" as I did in the video) panel_iframe: nodered: title: 'Node-Red' icon: 'mdi:shuffle-variant' url: 'http://your.HA.pi.IP:1880/' IMPORTANT LINKS: Amazon Link: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram:
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