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In this video I will take you step by step through the process of storing IOT data in a SQL database. In the video we will use a SQLite database because it is easier to setup and this is especially important if you copy the flow and use it locally. However the process is the same for other SQL databases We look in detail on how you create the database commands and pass them into the SQLite connector node and how you can detect errors. There is an error in the video regarding errors as you need the catch node to detect errors as the sqlite node doesn't output them on the output node. This is a 2 part video series in the second vidoe we will look at storing JSON data, including how to extract elements to use as coulmn names. Part 2- Node-Red Storing IOT data In a SQL Database-Part 2 Part 3 Reading Data from a SQL Database- Tutorial on site ------------------------------------- Flow Download ------------- Related videos Node-Red- Moving Messages between Flows Without Wires Have a question Use the comments or if you want help then use If you find these videos useful then you might want to consider buying me a coffee
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