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This video is a follow on video. In the previous video we looked at working with node and node-red buffers and working on text data. In this video we look at working with Integers and floats. When working with machines you will often be required to send and receive integer and float data. How exactly that data is represented will depend on the machine but the process of encoding and decoding in node red is the same. As an example a machine may use 4 bytes of data to represent an Integer whereas another machine will use 2 bytes. When working with low level data we use the node buffer object and a collection of methods associated with it. You can find a list of methods here. Tutorial On Site Flow used in video Related videos Using Status Information and The Node-Red Status Node Beginners Guide to Node Red Inject and Debug Nodes Using the Node Red Change Node-Beginners Guide Have a question Use the comments or if you want help then use If you find these videos useful then you might want to consider buying me a coffee
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