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When you come to deploying a flow you have four (node-red v0.2) options. Although using them may seem quite obvious there are some affects that aren't obvious and that have caught me out on several occasions hence this video. What do they do exactly and importantly do they affect other flows. What is the difference between deploying a flow and deploying a node? What about inject nodes? Are they fired? What about node-red storage variables and they reset? In this video tutorial we go step by step through the process of deploying nodes and flows and look at the effects on node red storage variables and the inject node. Knowing when or if the inject node is fired in important as it is typically used to initialise a flow. Resources and related videos Using Status Information and The Node-Red Status Node -------- Node Red Flow and Startup Files ------ Beginners Guide to Node Red Inject and Debug Nodes Have a question Use the comments or if you want help then use If you find these videos useful then you might want to consider buying me a coffee
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