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PDAControl Present... #Siemens #NodeRED #IoT Tutorial, documentation and downloads Complete: Tutorial, documentación y descargas Completa: Recommended and where to buy them cheap!! Recomendados y donde Comprarlos baratos!! - ESP32 - ESP32 + 0.96" Oled - ESP8266 12 Node MCU v3 - Arduino Nano V3 Clone - Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Clone - Raspberry pi 3 - Raspberry pi zero w - Meter PZEM-004 with Display - Meter PZEM-004T - Meter PZEM-016 + CT (0-100A) - PLC LE3U FK3U FX3U 14MR - Power Supply 5v (rail) Recommended Playlist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Logical module integration LOGO! Ethernet by Siemens with the Node-RED Platform implemented S7Comm protocol ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Integracion de modulo logico LOGO! Ethernet de siemens con la Plataforma Node-RED implementado protocol S7Comm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Web English Web Español Donations: Twitter: @Jhon_Control @PDAControl #PDAControl Facebook: Audio Video: ThornsOfOmarV2 for Jason Shaw Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
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